Baubles Design offers professional 

artisan crafted, semi-precious gemstone and pearl jewelry set in precious metals such as sterling silver and gold.

We cater to individuals seeking to outfit their wardrobes with special, unique, signature pieces.

Our designs are original and one-of-a-kind.  After we complete work on one piece, it will not be produced again.

We carry a wide selection of antique Ming Pottery Shard jewelry, and Drusy Agate jewelry.

We take pleasure in introducing our customers to unusual gemstones such as Chrysocola, Chiastolite, Hicorite & Lepidolite.

Our stock constantly changes.  We invite you to visit our store to view our latest offerings.

All our jewelry is handcrafted one item at a time in the Mid-Hudson Valley Region of NY (USA).

Quality is of utmost importance.  We craft our jewelry with attention to detail and quality construction. 

We want you to be pleased with our jewelry and treasure it for many years.  Lasting value is important to us.

Come to Baubles Design and accessorize with natural gemstones, pearls and other organic treasures.


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We can customize most of our necklaces & bracelets  to any length you choose.